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THIS!!! A thousand times this!!!

I bought the three pack of what is supposed to be the end all be all flag ship of the federation in 2409... but it's collecting dust. There are cruisers that turn better, there are science vessels that can mount dual cannons, there are vessels in every catagory with carrier abilities, and the other two 3-packs have variants that allow you to customize the look. I know they don't seem to go back and revamp ships, but come on, this is THE FLAG SHIP!!! Isn't this supposed to be the ship that I see come in and save the day, turn the tide, and inspire awe?

It's late and I'm super exhausted, so lets take this to crazy town for a minute. Fleet variants typically have about a 10% boost in hull and shield over non-fleet versions, right?

Fleet Odyssey Star Cruiser - Tier V Shipyard required and 10 modules

Type: Cruiser
Hull: 46,200
Standard Shields: 6,610 (Mk X)
Shield Modifier: 1.15
Weapons: 4 Fore, 4 Aft (Can Equip Dual Cannons)
Crew: 2,750
Bridge Officers: Cmd Engineering, LtC Universal, Lt Tactical, Lt Science, Ensign Universal
Device Slots: 4
Consoles: 4 Engineering 2 Science 4 Tactical
Hangar Bays: 1
Turn Rate: 8
Impulse Modifier: 0.15
Inertia rating: 20
Bonus Power: +10 All Power Levels
Sensor Analysis

Now which one of you devs wants my credit card?
Ooooook. First things first, if you wanted a 10% boost in shields, your shield modifier would be 1.265, not 1.15. Secondly, I am a HUGE cruiser fan, and I love my Odyssey dearly, and even I think this is insane. Thirdly, it is an Odyssey, so there is no reason to change the consoles around. This is krazy town after all, make it 4/4/4. 12 consoles. Yes. I went there. I approve sir, I approve!
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