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You can build an escort that can essentially ignore tractors. A few of those DOffs that reduce the cooldown on Attack Patterns and one copy of APO and you're pretty much good to go. If I get caught in any downtime I just evasive with a battery or use Ramming Speed. That's probably why I never notice Danubes in a match and everyone else is complaining about them in this thread. I'd much rather be caught in Tractor spam than be left with 0%-20% power to all systems.
The cheapest KDF APO doff is 27 mil EC on exchange .Not going to pay a wells price for 3 such officers.More I should have to switch all my build to cannons and drop actual torpedo doff's . So for resisting danubes i would have to ditch my build,spend 50-80 mil EC and it is normal to be so ?
You forget that siphons will leave you at 23% energy and the rest of drains comes from something else stacked above them.
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