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03-02-2013, 03:41 AM
Originally Posted by jake81499 View Post
First hand views say Rainbow/Technicolor weapons are pathetically weak regardless of the math.
rainbow weapons are exactly the same as normal weapons... thats the point, they are normal weapons, just not a single type

Originally Posted by jake81499 View Post
Sure they can be beefed up a little in the hands of someone who really knows how to build a ship but they still can't out do the single weapons type boats.

If you insist on running rainbows, good luck. You'll need it.
noone disputed that you can outdo single weap type boats. the point was, that the difference between them is lower than most people think (pls check bareel's post about this), and there is no reason why rainbow builds should deal 1,3k dps in an stf, while they could easily pull 3k (and if they applied themselves the same should be capable of 6k, and even that would not be the top), if it wasnt for the captains, who dont listen to nothing.

also to stop my off streak, here is a frustrating one:
so I wanted to test my new build, so I load up an ISE pug. what we end up with, is one guy missing the whole game, and one guy afk or something (he pulled 300 dps, so I dunno what happened there, but he was flying around the end battle, so he might have been just afraid to pull aggro).
one guy was dealing "good" (5k) dps, and the other guy was meh (3k). this is not such a problem, but in both instances someone blew generators early, so I had to go out of my way to grav well probes. after the cube popped, noone aggroed it, but someone was yelling at us why we are attacking the gate, which resulted in me attacking the gate, one guy on the cube, one guy indecisive and one guy who dealt 300 dps somewhere out there beneath the pale moonlight.
fortunately the two guys managed to pull the cube near to the gate, so now it could attack me too, so I had to play hide n seek with the gate and the cube too.

in the end we did finish within the optional (it dont have no meaning at this point tho, if it takes 13 mins to finish an stf it aint a good game, esp not ise), but boy I was frustrated having to carry them ppl, while I only wanted to test a frakking build