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So, I've been kicking around a (possibly) stupid idea of rolling a Science Captain to fly my shiny Steamrunner-class Light Cruiser/ Escort/ Frigate/ Destroyer (Really, I can't decide WHAT it actually should be classified as). At the same time, I had another crazy idea for a...different...setup than the standard Escort-Gets-All-DHC-Crap builds (Boring), but I wanted to clarify something first.

I'm under the impression the debuffs from Sensor Scan and ApB apply their damage de-resist to the hull only, and not shields. If this is the case, does the debuff apply to bleedthrough damage, or just straight hits? For example, if I hit a ship that was under the debuffs of SS and ApB with a salvo of Transphasic torpedoes, would I get better bleedthrough damage than normal? I would assume so, but I've learned making assumptions on any MMO mechanics often leads to massive disappointment.

If that is indeed the case, I've got a REALLY bad idea I want to try (it is 5:30 am, all my ideas are probably bad at this point...)