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I would go one step further, and say: Remove the Tractor Beam "power" entirely. Instead, make it standard for all ships. Tractor Beam is standard equipment on -most- starships and shuttles (with the notable exception, being the Enterprise-B).

A Tractor Beam has also been shown in the shows, to function either offensively (dragging an enemy into a hazard, or reducing the enemy weapons effectiveness), as well as supportively (dragging a friendly out of harms way). I would love to see a true "drag" power in STO, where players could support other players, by for example pulling their friends out of Warp Plasma clouds, or even a Gravity Well.

I never understood the strange idea of Cryptics Tractor beams, i have never seen a game where tractor beams where just made... wrong.

Is it just me or does Cryptic always seem to find a way to make Star Trek mechanics (tractors, or ship classification) somehow totally wrong?
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