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03-02-2013, 05:36 AM
Originally Posted by nyxinumz View Post
I agree with acoldt on his points but to bring up my own. Frigates/raiders are the one unique aspect of KDF now.
Cryptic(DStahl) has given Fed every single unique feature of the KDF and a metricf***ton of other features we're still yet to have implemented or given access to. I think frigate/raiders on fed will be a feature too far in the eyes of Klink players.
It's not like Cryptics ever really cared what the KDF enthusiasts say.

That being said, I agree. . .Federation should just learn to be happy with what they have for once. It's what the KDF players have had to do.

The Federation has the Atrox and the Armitage (a carrier the KDF has no answer for, of course), and access to the Recluse and the Jem''Hadar carrier. They have Danube-class shuttles with tractor beams. They should learn to just use what they have, rather than jamming their hands forward and demanding more shiny toys.