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03-02-2013, 05:37 AM
Originally Posted by gylvan View Post
Hello, im mostly interested in PVE and eventually PVP. I was in a fleet, but i saw something in the fleet store i wanted and asked if i could buy it. Apparently this is some sort of great offense, because people in the fleet begain stating how incensed they were that some "noob" (which i am) would ask. Anyway, im looking to avoid this kind of drama and play the game. So any hunting fleets that need a dedicatd noob, please let me know.

P.S. Also if anyone could inform me what i did that was so offensive so i could refrain from repeating it, i would be most appriciative of. Thanks!!
In order to buy from fleet stores it is fair that each person makes their contributions towards it. In our fleet for example this is set fairly low at 100K fleet credits which you can earn immediately if you sink enough contributions into a project/s. You can't expect to join a fleet and then have complete access to what you want with no support towards the fleet.

If you think those are fair guidelines then you are very welcome to join SRS. Contact details are on the website or get me ingame at Matt@TFR_MACO_SPECIALIST

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