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03-02-2013, 05:58 AM
Originally Posted by hereticknight085 View Post
Ooooook. First things first, if you wanted a 10% boost in shields, your shield modifier would be 1.265, not 1.15. Secondly, I am a HUGE cruiser fan, and I love my Odyssey dearly, and even I think this is insane. Thirdly, it is an Odyssey, so there is no reason to change the consoles around. This is krazy town after all, make it 4/4/4. 12 consoles. Yes. I went there. I approve sir, I approve!
12 consoles?! I said crazy town, not Sparta! 12 consoles would totally break PvP!

Sorry if I derailed this last night. To get back on track, I agree with the OP and the guy I quoted that the Oddy could use some love. As it stands, it could be reasonably argued that the Excelsior is a superior ship. As the flag ship, the Oddy should be the best Fed ship of any class, no questions. Same with the Bort on the KDF side. There should be cries for them to be nerfed because they're too over powered, not buffed because they're becoming irrelevant or unbearable to play.