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03-02-2013, 06:14 AM
I love my rommie torp on other ships but I ditched them for a fleet acc quantum, borg quantum in STF. I didn't have my omega torp on me at the time I changed so I haven't tried that one yet.

While it was never a big deal with my Atrox, probly because I was waiting on my scorp's torps as well, the travel time on the rommie torps was bugging the hell out of me on my Ando escort.

And 5 trics is over kill, shared cooldown makes it so you should only load 2. Torp doffs can change this but if you are using torp doffs and trics you should probly use one tric, and other, faster reloading torps to trigger the doffs as much as possible.

Edit: Just swapped in my omega torp for the day and it feels nice. I admit I haven't been parsing, tho. I haven't wanted to see the numbers and ruin the mystique hehe... I'll give it a couple days before I go thru the numbers and realize that I get more over all performance out of my carrier as always and quietly put another expensive ship in drydock... I have a problem =P.
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