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03-02-2013, 07:14 AM
Maybe she found new allies, and have them come back with her. It's Sela after all.
I seriously doubt she could ally herself with the Iconians, except if she plan to betray them. It's kind of obvious the Iconians want to take their revenge against the galaxy, either by exterminating or enslaving us, or whatever. And a false treaty with the Tal Shiar will not stop them to do as much to the Romulans.
As a master of deception, Sela will probably see that to. So except if she plan to use them, or if she was brainwashed, she will not comply.

Maybe the Iconians, where they are, have ennemies, like the Undine and the Gekli. maybe she found those people and helped them, and in return they will help her.

I don't know for sure if she will be with, or against the Iconians. She may even come back to make a temporary alliance with the Fed/KDF, reluctantly. She will do whatever she think is the best for the Empire.