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Originally Posted by ironmako View Post
I've seen some crappy drops recently for Elite as well. Even with a perfect finish and a success on the optional, i see only 60 marks and a shield or something. I've also seen games when we have failed the optional, and we all get loads of goodies. I think its bugged.

Just to query, is there any reason why sometimes you get 1 borg processor and others you get 6?
The marks for the optional are rewarded as soon as the Optional is completed.

For ISE this is when everything is defeated and the mission is completed.

For KASE and CSE this is just before the final boss spawns.

The optional completed marks are given straight to you and you don't need to pick them up.

As for the loads of goodies, you have a guaranteed 60 Marks, 1 BNP and 960 Dilithium.

You also get the chance of

1 very rare (purple) equipment.
1 rare (blue) equipment and an extra 15 marks or an extra 5 BNPs
An extra 30 marks or an extra 10 BNPs