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Originally Posted by drogyn1701 View Post
Since these are all new missions, they all start off with zero reviews, this puts them in the under-5 review category. To see this category, click on the "Become a Reviewer" button on the Foundry mission menu. (Nothing is required of you, it just allows you to see missions with less than 5 reviews). Some of the missions ? such as mine ? are out of that category now, some are probably not out of it yet but probably will be by the end of the day.

Also keep in mind that some of these missions may have different player level requirements. If after clicking on the "Become a Reviewer" button you still don't see one, make sure you're on a character over level 45.

This is linked to the same issue as above. Because these missions start out fresh, they have to first meet the qualifications to give out rewards. We've been told that to qualify, a mission must have more than 5 reviews (getting it out of that under 5 category) and it must average more than 15-20 minutes in length, which is calculated by taking the average time of everyone who has played it, so it needs some playthroughs to get an average. There are also some requirements that Cryptic has not released.

It's fairly likely that when these missions get up enough plays, most, if not all, will give out the usual rewards.
Thank you very much, I'll get on it. Glad someone around here knows what's going on.
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