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03-02-2013, 08:25 AM
Hello STO staff and members on forum I have one suggestion and few ideas for improving STO.

Short Term:
1. My option is that Advanced Escort with Multi Vector Attack Mode (MVAM) is VERY UNDERPOWERED/WEAK in survivability for its price of 25$ and its representation in ST Voyager as one of Federation most advanced ship with (regenerative shields, and ablative armor).

I would like to suggest you few changes which will improve its survivability in battle but with MAINTAIN MOST of its specifications on same level.

A.) Now Advanced Escort with MVAM have place for 3 Tactical Officer (Commander, Lieutenant and Ensign), 1 Engineering and Science officer (Lieutenant & Lt. Commander rank), I would like to suggest next changes
Remove Ensign tactical officer and add one Lt. Commander Engineering Officer and degrade Science officer to Lieutenant.

B.) Add one more Engineering console OR integrate MVAM Console with ship so this will free one Science console slot.(Fleet version of ship will get Console automatically if Advanced Escort with MVAM is bought)

With this two changes Advanced Escort with MVAM will become more versatile and worth to be bought!

Mid Term:
2. First my idea is to add Combat helmet as new piece of ground equipment this will be logical because we already have combat armors in STO . It can give bonus to weapons damage+ rare and very rare helmets give small armor/energy resistance bonus (variations).

Long Term:
3. Second my idea is to add more locations for visit on Earth and Sol System.

A.) like Paris (where Federation President have Office), and other Earth iconic cities.
B.) Expand San Francisco with other places like Federation Council and Starfleet Command
C.) Add Mars and Utopia Plantia Fleet Yards Mars Starbase
D.) Add Jupiter Station R&D Facility

Very LongTerm:
4. Add NEW feature to lead space combat from ship bridge good concept is already seen in Star Trek Bridge Commander, it be very cool if you can add something similar into ST Online.

I also on end would suggest you to collect good ideas from players and when you successfully add it into game, give the player who give you idea for that thing an reward (leveled very rare equipment, Dilitrium or ZEN) on this why players will be happy to provide you with good ideas.

Cheers & Qapla

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