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# 1660 Good luck with that
03-02-2013, 08:26 AM
You can run all the Rainbow/Technicolor weapons you want. I don't really care. You can try all day long to convence me and the others who have posted their experiances here that Rainbow/Technicolor weapons are as good as normal weapons. But I've yet to see one in action that could out gun a normal boat regardless of the math. And I've done THOUSANDS of STF's. So good luck with your efforts.

Once again....

There I was...

Today, CSN.

I PUG in and say 'HI' as usual.

Three others say 'HI'

I fly right, a Klink flys left and three fly off to the Kang.

I'm working on nodes at cube #1 and here comes a Rainbow/Technicolor boat.

He starts on a node by himself.

I finish off four nodes before he kills the one.

I buzz over and kill his too.

Off to Cube 2.

The Technicolor/Rainbow guy follows.

He starts on a node and I start on a different node.

I finish three before he kills his.

I finish his and work with him on the rest.

Off to cube three.

The Klink has finished all the nodes and is working on the Cube.

Cube dies.

Carrier dies...

All is well.

Just another Technicolor/Rainbow Failboat story.