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03-02-2013, 08:38 AM
first,you dont want polaron/tetryon weapons,in stf's you mostly kill things without a shield,so tetryon proc isnt much worth,polaron drains energy levels,but on the borgs it doesnt seem to do much.

plasma is oke.

phasers/disruptors and anti proton weapons are the best imo.

weapons front: 3 dual heavy cannons and a torpedo.
aft; all turrets.
try to put youreffront to the enemy,as much as possible.
use a shield with 20% plasma ressist.

for boffs: have rapid fire 2/3

use an omega attack patter to escape tractor beams,and gain speed/turrn rate buff.
use hazard emitter to clear your hull from the plasma fire.

with this,and some trying out,you will be fine.