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A comparison between ground and space combat only goes so far.In space there isn't an expose/exploit system,a damage increase on flanking or attacks with 80% shield penetration.And I haven't even mentioned the one weapon that is just stupidly overpowered no matter who uses it.
Space is lot more similar to ground than you give it credit for. There may not be a direct expose/exploit or flanking, but space combat does emphasize focusing on a single shield facing (flanking). And if you can get a shield facing down (exposing the ship's hull), you can exploit the failed shield with a quantum torpedo high yield III for a huge amount of damage or an instant kill. Now there are counters for this (tactical team, any shield heal, brace for impact, etc.), but again right here is a direct comparison as to how similar ground combat is to space combat. As for no attacks with 80% shield might want to have another look at transphasics. Yes, pulsewaves are a major spike damage weapon, and under ambush they are quite deadly. The nearest comparison would be Dual Beam Bank Overload III, but that can't oneshot like a pulsewave. However, nerfing cloak won't solve the problem with ambush + pulsewave against players. Anyone using the the Mk XI/XII fire team kits have motion accelerator, meaning they can pull the same stunt as a cloaker without cloaking. Nerfing the amount of damage ambush + archwave setting can achieve vs players would be a logical change, but that is for another thread entirely.

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