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Originally Posted by rooster75 View Post
You can build an escort that can essentially ignore tractors. A few of those DOffs that reduce the cooldown on Attack Patterns and one copy of APO and you're pretty much good to go. If I get caught in any downtime I just evasive with a battery or use Ramming Speed. That's probably why I never notice Danubes in a match and everyone else is complaining about them in this thread. I'd much rather be caught in Tractor spam than be left with 0%-20% power to all systems.
The same can be done with A2B as well and a single copy of ApO. Three Technicians (blue but purple is better) then maybe a EVM doff and some such.

Its not the fact I get tractored that I dislike but the near continuos tractoring that occurs. As the siphon drones suck, so do the Danubes get too grabby.
Both need limits.
Siphons on how much they cap out before stopping for a time possibly and danubes how often they apply TB and how continuos spawns for both should not just make an assembly line of constant debuffs.

Of course I ahve never really liked how pets have been done in STO.
I would have prefered something like what was used in CoH/CoV. Spawn many simple low pets and fewer tougher pets as you rank up or in this case Hangars have function caps on ship size. Minions are weak but have the masses, tougher pets are tougher and hit harder.
We ahve the BOff skills to support them and it would be fun.
We have what we have though in STO.
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