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I have the Defiant tactical escort (the free one from level 40). I am trying to do space STFs but keep getting my butt handed to me. Any recommendations for load out on weapons types or such for fighting those big Borg cubes with my little Defiant?
First problem is that the free Defiant is a Captain level ship (tier 4), so she's not really made for STFs. The C-Store (Tactical Escort Retrofit) one is a far more durable ship for an STF. Even the free admiral level Patrol Escort will be better than the tier 4 Defiant.

As for weapons to put on a Defiant, Dual Heavy cannons in front (3 or 4) and possibly a quantum torpedo launcher. For the rear, fill it with turrets. Keep all the energy weapon types the same and make sure all your tactical console slots are filled with the console to boost that energy type (Phaser relays for phasers for example).

To boost survivability, make sure you have some good armor consoles (Neutronium) and try to get a Field Generator console for your science slot (they can be crafted). Shields with plasma resistance are also a boost and some inexpensive ones can be found on the exchange.

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