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Originally Posted by marc8219 View Post
Yeah but lots of people turn graphics settings low for pvp to avoid lag from all the spam. even more important to do it now with all the plasma turrets.

I stealth run the virus with covert caitian too sometimes when I get sick of matches with people like Biggs constantly stealth cryoing everyone to try to end it, but I don't mind seeing it nerfed.

I would have prefered they makde it where you can still stealth and run the virus though. They should have just give the large turret near the mainframe a perception buff so he can see through a covert players distortion field or ambush.
A perception buff to the large turret would have been a good way to handle it. It would have made reaching the mainframe undetected more difficult, but it wouldn't have eliminated the strategy either. Instead, running the virus as a tactical officer is now a death sentence. You can't cloak, you can't use ambush (on operative and fire team), and you can't use distortion field for the energy resists. The fact that you could out think the other team to win the match made assault somewhat unique and fun in that regard. Now it's a direct battle to get to the mainframe. There is no longer the option for the team to distract while one person slips behind the enemy to upload. Well, I suppose there is still the crazy engineer approach for soloing the mainframe, but usually someone notices all of those mine explosions.

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