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03-02-2013, 10:12 AM
Originally Posted by amosov78 View Post
Things change, before he made those comments both Braga and Coto had mentioned that Future Guy was "probably going to be a Romulan" and would tie into the Romulan War with a future Romulan trying to "instigate" things".

Since neither the "Romulan" or "Archer" ideas were carried out, because of cancellation, it leaves the door open for STO to use either for future plot developments. The Romulan idea would fit better as someone from say, the 26th century, trying to undo the destruction of their homeworld or at least the restoration of the Romulan Star Empire.
I think it's quite likely Future Guy will tie into STO somehow. If nothing else because he's a character with no actor/likeness restrictions.

And we still don't know who fed us all that intel on New Romulus.