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03-02-2013, 10:24 AM
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That's why I get up and go do something between commercials. Get food, pester my dog, etc. Gives me motivation to get up and move around. Having a pause button typically doesn't do me any good as I tend to like to watch things straight through without pausing.

Though on the topic of subliminal advertising, I reckon I'm unintentionally promoting the Freightliner Type C bus with my avatar and signature.
Did someone mention subliminal advertising? :p I wonder how much Cookie Crisp can fit inside the Tardis? Ah HA! My flaw in stealing Cookie Christ has been using a van and disguises when all I ever needed to out wit the Cookie Cop was a Tardis!
Originally Posted by hort_wort
Hahahaha, thanks Cryptic, for doing your part to make the F2P transition of SWTOR such a success!!