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Originally Posted by uglydisease View Post
I've been trying to come up with a good pvp build for my temporal destroyer. The problem I have is trying to figure out how to balance my chroniton/temporal divice vs my Dual Cannons, and a good bridge officer abilitie set to match it.

My thought here is to make my ship highly maneverable and be able to stop or slow enemy ships so that my team mates can take 'em down, but maybe this is wrong.

Heres what Im working with right now.

Front: Anti-Proton Dual Heavy Advanced Fleet Mk XII, Chroniton Torp., Temporal Device, Chroniton Dual BB

Rear: Kinetic Cutting Beam. 2 X AP Adv. Turret

Monotonium Mk XI very rare, RCS Acc. Mk XI very Rare
3X Feild Gen Mk XI rare, Tachyokinetic Convert.
Chroniton Flux Mk XI very rare, 2X AntiProton console rare, Borg Console

Transf. SS 1, Hazards 2, Gravity Well 2
EmPwrToS 1, RevSPol 1,
TT1, H.yeild 2, omega 1, RapidF. 3
TT1, TorpSpread 2
EmPwrToS 1

Have yet to buy my desired sheilds/engines/deflector but I'm thinking of going Omega mk xii (atleast for the engines).

Any help would be greatly appreciated, as I have been struggling with this build for sometime. BTW despite the fact that this is tactical build im running it on engineer. Which doesnt seem to make much difference besides the the attack pattern alpha.

There is a monumental difference between a tacs damage and an eng it's not just apa just the same as there's a monumental difference between how much punishment you can take

I don't really understand the build your going for here are you debuffing targets for other people?

The Borg console doesn't want the be in your tac slot don't know if you were just listing the consoles you plan on putting in or not or wether that was the order

Grav wells for pvp don't really work unless your going to spec into them then run consoles to match APO completely negates there effect and their damage won't touch even a bop again unless you spec into them

The takyokinetic converter should be enough to give your turn a boost I'd drop the RCs and get a neutronium
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