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03-02-2013, 12:48 PM
Originally Posted by stationnine View Post
This problem has been evident for the last couple of weeks, but very intermittent. I could play for hours, then suddenly I start lagging and disconnecting or just sitting there with the world moving around me but I am unable to do anything. Starting last night the game has been unplayable.

Idle NIC bandwidth Send: 1 KB/sec Recv: 0 KB/sec
hit return to exit
Doesn't look like anything is obviously wrong. though you may have done these tests when the issue wasn't occurring...

However, Net Test does report that something else on your computer is using the network interface while Net Test itself was idle. And existence of other running networked applications and utilities have been known to cause compatibility issues with the STO Client. You might want to track down the cause of this, and see if this is creating the problem or not...