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I'd really like to know.

I've seen an awefull lot of it over the last couple months when it was finally confirmed that KDF is going to getting some love here.

What I have seen the most of as an excuse....

KDF will have dilithium farming nerfed...

Really? What gave you that impression? Its much more likely that the Studio will improve the ability of Fed players to farm thier dayly limit.

KDF expansion will dilute the Fed player base.

Amazing! Its possible more then two brain cells got together on that though! Of course the Fed faction may finally shed some of t\its Baron Vladimir Harkonnen-esk bloat. It allready by cryptics own number crunching at one point outnumberes the KDF players by better then 4 to 1. More likely w now that they can stahats going to happen is a few players will move over to t at level 1 and experience the KDF story (which, by the way, is a Trek thing, not a KDF thing). More importantly incoming NEW player will get a choice to start play as KDF. Over time that will be where the improvement in the player ratio will happen.

There will be less fed items in the Zen Store!

Oh whoh is me! I tear at my hair, and gnash my teeth, don a sack cloth and rub ashes apon my head and body. Zion has fallen!

Wow, just amazing.. Ok, Fact One: there are like 3 or 4 cannon starship fed side that have not been done. There is a Number 5, but it has been stated repeatedly that Cryptic will NOT do the U.S.S. Shelly. Fact 2: From this point forward Fed item are going to be hitting a much lengthier vetting and approval process from CBS, because Cryptic will be creating CANON additions to the trek universe! Fed stuff will simply take longer to be approved. WHY? Because CBS tends to tell the stories of the Trek universe from a Federation point of view.

Addendum: I personally think the world is ready for Star Trek: Battlecruiser Vengence
it would be total cheese, many space battles, a few interstellar issues solved with massive firepower, courage, and a application of a Bat'leth where needed, and every week will have a new and utterly babely alien female who will be overcome by the captains manly charms, rugged good looks, and unrefutable sense of honor and duty. And a nemisis federation, and romulan ship that always just manages to escape destruction after utterly failing in thier mission to stop the depredations of the I.K.S. Vengence. Thats right, a Trek show that sells with strait up sex and violence.. what fun! But we will be sneaky.. there will be moral dilema's, and decisions that come back to haunt our stalwart crew, captain, and ship. And when all is said and done, it WILL be Star Trek.

Wheres my pop corn?

Fact 3: I'll think up something later..

STO is a game, a MMO. One that someday hopes to have some pretty awesome PvP stuff going at the level of EPIC.. ya know, a war, a real, honest to badness, territorials, star sytem conquering, ship smashing war with all the trimmings! Supply, logistics, convoys (and the raiding there of) secret bases and outposts to be created, or smashed. Battles in space, Battles on the ground. BIG AMAZING BATTLES WITH DOZEN OF PLAYERS AND HUNDREDS OF SHIP AND NPC'S

That is the long term goal.. peacefull trek stories while much as you might want them, are things of the writers imagination and are grist for the foundry authors. Like it or not we do not yet have the level of interaction you see in a star trek holodeck. That takes a AI/expert program that we simply do not have the technology for yet. I'm afraid "Orginized" mission based roleplay requires a Game master still. Computer can make the job easier but cannot quite do it yet. Be nice if the devs would create a way to have a Game Master act run an adventure. Oh well. Add it to the list.

For now, this is a multiplayer, multi-faction MMO that is suffering from having ONE of its two factions dangerously under represnted and under populated for the long term health of this title. Take a good look around out there in the MMO market place and take a good look at the MMO's with factions and how they are handled.. See anything unusuall about STO? Thats right, its the only MMO out there with half a faction as far as what a player can do.

Ah, but you claim that Cryptic is doing something different.. It'll work, it just takes time!
Right.. 20 years of MMO's.. first as Dialup, later via the internet. There is a reason conventional wisdom tand to be right.. It's because conventional wisdom is based aopon real world results. It can be overturned, but historically when it happens, it happens very fast. STO hase been here 3 years.. If there was an experiment to take the road less travelled... it's allready failed. Dev studio's that do that sort of thing with MMO's notice the difference right away! Thats what happened with Bliz and WOW, and what has happened with NCSoft's MMO's. We've come a very very long way since Lord British and Everquest.

SO if your still beliving in some sort of great experiment (there never was one folks) then I want you drugs when they take you away because they gotta be awesome if your that delusional!





Its very short sided, and stupidly selfish. In the long term, (which isn't all that long!) it will kill this game. Furthermore, it will eventually poison the development team, and thier hopes, and dream of what the Star Trek experience is they want to create. The moment that happens this games turns from the latest canon Star Trek (which it is!).

STO will turn from what it could be to just another way to milk money from the IP, owned by PWI. and milked for every single penny. It will turn into pay to win then. And the dev team will go to maintainence mode.. with just sufficient new content to keep interest up.

And please to note that it will not be CBS's fault, or PWI/PWE's fault, or Cryptic Studio's fault. It will be OUR fault. All of us. All the players. Fed or KDF, or any other factions that should appear. Why? Because some of us couldn't think about more then our own gimmies.

Think about it.

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