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Originally Posted by uglydisease View Post
Yes my initial strategy is to debuff targets for those for higher fire power. I seemed to me that the main benefit of the temporal destoryer was its ability to immobilize opponents. I could however revert to a more standard escort layout allthough having been pinned down by simular attacks before I thought that this strategy could be quite effective.
You've got it right - if you are using the temporal warfare set, you're pretty much stuck using AP weapons, which are usually quite inaccurate, but really hurt on the crit front. Holds are the best/only way to mitigate the inaccuracy and really utilize the crit severity.

Once again, check out the thread I linked for what is most likely the best build that you will find on these forums for a PvP mobius.

edit: If you can't find the link in the first post, here is a DIRECT LINK to the Mobius build

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