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03-02-2013, 02:24 PM
Resistance to knock-back/down appears to be bugged at present. Before testing, I thought it might be the character I was playing (Omega armor + no willpower). Or maybe a melee knockdown doff, or a goofy KD tribble. After-all cryptic has a track record of adding content with little concern how it effects pvp.

So I switched to my engineer to test in a private match:

9 bars of willpower, full mk12 MACO + sure footed trait. Until recently, he could remain standing through almost anything: melee assaults, pulsewave blasts - seriously almost anything. He's gone from being knocked down 10% of the time to 100%. Chain knockdown wouldn't be a problem if resistance was triggering. Its almost like the defensive check was removed to limit lag during the anniversary event.

Edit: Adding some form of cc immunities will just reward players who neglect their current defensive options. What's available just needs to be examined and fixed, cause I'm pretty sure its broken

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