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Purhaps im just ignorant here but, as far as I know the only difference between the different career paths is the abilities that each one gives you, (eng: EPS power Transfer, mircile worker etc, Tac: alpha pattern, go down fighting, tactical initiative etc.). Yes these do make a difference but I don't think they are overwelming distinctions. Perhaps Im wrong about this and would actually appreciate it if someone would correct me if that is so.

As to the other conserns I actually dont plan on leaving the borg console in tha tac console but I need to make some decisions about how to rearrange things to make room for (or remove it). Purhaps replacing the RCS accelerater with it would be a good move. I also take your point about the gravity well.

Yes my initial strategy is to debuff targets for those for higher fire power. I seemed to me that the main benefit of the temporal destoryer was its ability to immobilize opponents. I could however revert to a more standard escort layout allthough having been pinned down by simular attacks before I thought that this strategy could be quite effective.
Eps transfer - 0 direct damage boost technically

Apa - 50 % damage boost

Nadion - no direct damage boost

Fomm - 50 damage resistance reduction to target

Miracle worker - no direct damage boost

Gdf - potentially 100% damage boost

Tactical team 25% damage boost

An so on

when initiated together makes any ship a force to be reckoned with

That's the "monumental" difference I was referring to
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