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Okay that makes sence because of the Autonomous Regeneration Sequencer (with the two of the borg set, but im still wondering how to leverage the chroniton torp proc and the temp. disruption device effectively if the temp device is placed on the back and there arnt boff abilities to increase turn rate or speed and also the lack of chroniton torps doesnt take advantage of the boost the temporal set gives.
Unfortunately, except for very specific setups, torpedos in PvP are lackluster. Removing the guaranteed DPS of an AP DHC in favor of a 33% chance debuff and almost no damage against shields is a bad idea. Even with TS, the usefulness of the debuff is minimal, and damage boost or no damage boost, the chroniton launcher up from will bring down your DPS significantly.

The temporal warfare set bonus DOES boost the TDD's damage tho, giving it marginal usefulness for DPS purposes.

As to how you will utilize it as an aft weapon is situational, and its best IMO to keep it on autofire. My primary use is in one of two situations. 1) As part of my alpha/hold, hit temporal inversion, hit TB1, overshoot the target just enough to launch the torp, and pull a quick reverse to bring them back into front arc. This requires good piloting and practice. 2) The mobius is a slow turner, even if you were to dump a pair of RCS on there with the tachyonkinetic console, FTERs, BoPs, Bugs, and some raptors will still end up unshakeably on your tail. The aft TDD gives you at least a chance (with its 100% proc chance) to slow them up enough to get them back in your front arc.

Against cruisers where you just need more DPS, you can swing around every 19 seconds to get them in rear arc without any difficulty at all.

As for abilities to enhance turn rate etc, APO is important of course, and remember to pop evasive maneuvers when dogfighting if possible to help out in that area. Also remember that the Temporal Inversion Field not only hinders enemy movement, but on the Temporal ships, it also enhances yours.

And as to the difference in Eng vs Tac DPS, APA is a big difference, but also Tactical Initiative which significantly lowers cooldowns on Tac abilities allowing more uptime on tac abilities, not to mention the team damage buff as well.