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03-02-2013, 03:17 PM
First off, you have too many -Team powers. The system cooldowns on those mean that it's impossible to use more than 2, so you want to have either the two Tac Teams or one of those and a Sci Team (or with the right doffs you could even run 1 Tac Team and not have room for other Teams). Next, make all your weapons one damage type, either Tetryon or Disruptor, and use all your tac consoles for that. The way you're doing it you lose out on total damage. If you're only running one EPtS make sure you have the 3 DCEs so you're running it almost continuously, an EPtS chain is the greatest thing you can do for your survivability (it alone will keep you alive in almost any Episode mission). Drop at least one Neutronium and move your universal in there, sci ships really don't have enough hull for armor to matter, pretty much anything else is more valuable. Also think about dropping the Tractor Beam, it's only good at all in PvP, and there most people can break them.

For things you might want to get, the Rep consoles from both Omega and Rom are very powerful, you probably also want to replace the Breen torp with either an Omega or Rom one, both are quite good, and deal plenty of bleedthrough. For powers, a second beam power or a torp power when you have a torp that will use it would be good if you drop a TT, for sci abilities think about an Energy Siphon and maybe a Photonic Shockwave (that did get nerfed pretty hard with S7 though, the stun is now affected by enemy Inertia rating).

Hope that helps.