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Originally Posted by bareel View Post

Heh, so I decided to get some of my alts omega marks since they have been making great progress tagging space bunnies. They are pretty poorly geared (maco shield makes such a huge improvement to survivability) but can still hold their own well enough both damage wise and tank wise for the most part.

I have been reminded of the differences between a horri-bad group and a decent group. You see when you are the only one able to kill a sphere in ISE and 3 of your team-mates die before a second sphere you remember why tanking can be a PITA as 7 plasma fire dots slowly eat away at your hull for example. I now would like to take a few seconds to give out some pointers to get it out of my system.

First that beam array in the front of your escort and the one in the rear? Yeah those are not helping you out much buddy compared to another DHC/turret. Simple rule, pick a firing arc and stick with it! You are allowed one gimmick weapon on an escort, and two on a cruiser at most. By gimmick I mean a dual beam bank for overloads or an Omega torpedo on a broadsider. Half beam + half cannon = BAD. I blame cryptic for the craptastic starting equipment on ships for this one though.

Second CC skills are for CC first damage second! That TBR you used on the transformer in ISE while the nanite spheres were 12k away and the group severely lacks DPS will not save the optional. It does not amuse me when I resort to praying my denoobs slap a tractor to avoid an even more painful experience!

Third if you lack the ability to not get one shotted by spheres, nor the ability to kill a single sphere, you probably should re-evaluate your build. Higher quality gear, nor OP lockbox ships will make you not suck. An emergency power to shields, a focused weapon setup, possibly even an attack pattern beta are good ideas though.

Fourth I think I would have better results just two boxing and having an alt AFK and using a carry toon. This makes me sad. note: I am not going to do this.

Another One Using over half your console slots for Gimmick consoles is not a good idea. Get some armor and perhaps you will not esplode so much k!
Hehehe.. LOL So true.

Let's add to that.

6th... Carry a few heals. All too often I see ships with injury on top of injury. A one shot Tetryon beam from a Rainbow/Technicolor boat could take them out. Heal your ship BEFORE you enter a STF and make sure you can heal it while your in. If you don't know what ship heals are then talk to the Chief Engineer in ESD (Earth Space Dock). If you haven't already taken the Tutorial offered by the Chief Engineer in ESD then what the heck are you doing in an STF!

7th... Before doing any STF MAKE SURE YOU KNOW HOW! This is especially true on the elites. Make sure you know what's important to kill first. Make sure you know the sequence of things. ALL TOO OFTEN I go into an STF where the Nanite Spheres or Probes can heal a generator and 4 of these clowns are off 20K away chasing a Sphere while the Gens that I'm trying to kill are getting healed by Nanites.

Reading 'Post Your Worst STF Experiances' from the begining will tell you exactly what NOT to do.

8th... Leave the damn Rainbow/Technicolor Beams and Skittle garbage home. The STF's require DPS and it's pretty much guaranteed that you don't have it. Sure you might win a CSN optional with 2 minutes to spare but most of us would rather win with 8 minutes to spare.

LOL... Hope this helps!!!!