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Originally Posted by lazarus51166 View Post
...excuse me? wtf is wrong with you exactly? he asked a legitimate content and you sit there and belittle and insult him. and no there is no KDF revamp coming, how many times do you need to be told that it was explicitly said that it was a new tutorial and that was ALL that was coming...
What's wrong with me? The authorities and my shrink are still trying to work that out.

No. He didn't pose a legitimate 'content' (I assume you meant to say 'legitimate question about content'). What he did (and I'm not just singling him out, there are a few identical types of post in this and every other thread) was pose a question about KDF content in a thread that anyone can see is about Romulans and/or Iconians. It has nothing to do with KDF content. The point being (and reading the forums and chatting in game I know I'm not the only one to feel this way) that those of us who want to play FED only all agree more content would be nice for KDF players to have, however, if every single bloody thread or news update becomes a collection of 'KDF content or else' posts you WILL lose the support that non-KDFers have for your issue.

As for 'there is no KDF revamp coming', I was going to post dozens of links to articles and interviews for your edification, however I am pathologically lazy, so I'll just refer you to STOwiki's future content page as they link to all the official quotes. The new tutorial is coming first, you're right there, but if you read all the interviews (certainly as far back as August 2012 at least) you'll be able to piece together the fact that the KDF will be turned into a FULL faction at some point soon. I suspect though that the DEVS are also aware that the FED faction is far more populous and therefore will receive the lion's share of dev-time.

Finally, I fail to see how you could think I was being insulting. I merely pointed out that it's getting more than a little repetitive hearing people moan about KDF content in non-KDF related threads.

So, please keep your Klingon temper under control. I mean it when I say I would love for you KDF-types to get more content, even if I'm never going to play it myself (I've tried, I just can't get into the Klingon vibe), but I am tired of seeing non-related threads hijacked constantly.
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