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03-02-2013, 06:07 PM
*OOC: ooo now to heat up the war before the final phase.*

Wax: The vessel is not going to last much longer...

James: Beam up whoever is on that ship...

Wax: Done..

*The medical teams come to the transporter pad, and are shocked when they start doing scans..... It is someone who should be dead but apparently isn't.. Damon is laying there on the pad a little bloody but alive.. *

Nurse: Admiral... You need to come down here... This is impossible...

James: What is it chief...

Nurse: Its its just not possible.

*James preforms a site to site transport.*

James: *Looks down his eyes are wide and his feeling the memories of the rebels defending themselves from Gyunei. Gyunei going after Sam beating her can kicked and Matt too. Then before the death blow Damon attacking and then getting beaten to death... while everyone got out..*

Mother of.... Its... Its ... not possible... Damon...