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Originally Posted by fraghul2000 View Post
Why would anyone try to sabotage the other faction?

It'd be like someone shooting themselves in the knee. Pretty much everyone in this game is a KDF and a Fed. Weather they play both factions full-blown or just use one of them as a farm character.

This isn't an mmo where factions are divided and where rivalry between the factions is encouraged. The player base for both faction are exactly the same people.
Khemaraa has it absolutely right.

Once upon a time...well...we don't need a long story. Let's just say that a few years back there was another Trek-based war game in which the factions actually were balanced. I am talking about hundreds of ships on each side of the equation...and there was a certain -- very small -- but somewhat vocal group of Federation players who would do anything they could possibly do to bring grief to the Klingon faction -- everything from restricting certain weapons and ship types to screwing with the game mechanics. These forums are tame in comparison to some of the bad blood that was poured out in rivers on those forums. Khemaraa was there -- many of us were, and he knows of which I speak.

Those types of Federation players do exist in this game -- for them, it is about living their passion -- they really do not care about "game balance" -- they want to be that Kirk or Picard within the game...and that other faction -- KDF -- which has the nerve to have some very skilled pilots of their own that can challenge the dominance of the Federation...well...that just won't do. The KDF is the fly in their imaginary ointment.

And trust me...there is no reasoning with them. It is a die-hard attitude that in many ways is very self destructive within a game universe -- it is an attitude that defies rational explaination, or reason. It is the same attitude that -- in STO -- has constantly called for the KDF faction to be somehow eliminated from the game, or otherwise completely absorbed by the Federation til there is no independence of thought, no opposing faction that can throw a wrench into the works of the utopian vision of Federation dominance.

About their concerns regarding diluting the Federation player base -- I actually find that funny. We have been repeatedly told that the KDF represents something like 19% of the player base -- in fact, Cryptic used that very percentage as the justification for LESS KDF content and ships...and now that we MIGHT actually get a boost, the vast Federation playerbase feels threatened.

They are right to feel threatened. KDF ships are more fun to fly, to be honest. If the storyline is done right, and if KDF "culture" shines through with its warrior philosophy and true independence that will also bring more and more players into the KDF fold.

Not to mention that once that starts to happen, and if the scales start to balance out -- even by 5% or so -- then the Federation player base will no longer have that abstract monopoly on new ship releases in the C-Store -- or new content. That is probably also driving some of this attitude you are seeing on the forums. Should their numbers go down...that potentially can change the economic balance of power to a more equal distribution...and the development of new content and new ships will likely follow suit.

What I am not seeing yet...but what is that when and if there is a Romulan faction...then the Federation player base will be diluted even more. The same will be true for any new factions brought into the game. In each case, the Federation player base will lose players to the new faction. That is not necessarily true for the KDF -- sure...we might start a character or two in a new faction...but the current core of the KDF represents a very hardcore, dedicated player base. If you have held on in this game as Klingon for the past three years, then it is likely that you will continue to do so, especially if more content comes our way. That is something that some of the Federation players also fear -- because once that starts happening...their monopoly on this game goes away. I think that is a very good thing indeed.

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