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This post is a bit longer, but I wanted to explain it in a way that most users will (hopefully) understand.

If you have connection problems with the server, check where the delay in server responses is accumulating. Do this by tracing the packet transfer times using the following steps...


1. Click on Start
2. Click on Run, or in Vista/Win 7 just skip to Step 3
3. Type cmd into the Open or Search box and press Enter
4. In the command prompt window that opens type "tracert"

If cmd in step 3 doesn't bring up a command prompt, try cmd.exe. For step 4 then, type in "tracert.exe"

You should get something like this:

Trace to []
with 30 redirections at max:

1 1 ms < 1 ms 1 ms

2 * 651 ms 662 ms
3 812 ms 841 ms 866 ms []
4 881 ms 949 ms 967 ms
5 967 ms 1020 ms 1019 ms
6 1015 ms 1125 ms 1009 ms
7 1042 ms 1020 ms 1019 ms []
8 1046 ms 1021 ms 1015 ms []
9 1037 ms 1021 ms 1018 ms
10 65 ms 64 ms 1201 ms []
11 1043 ms 1024 ms 1034 ms []
12 1104 ms 1040 ms 1094 ms []
13 1293 ms 1146 ms 1241 ms []
14 1122 ms 1123 ms 1117 ms []
15 1121 ms 1103 ms 1112 ms

End of trace.

That's a list of routers and servers your communication must go through before it reaches Cryptic server. Your router is on the first line, STO server is on the bottom. My connection is going through 15 different routers and servers before it get's to STO server finally.

Time on each line says how long it actually takes to data to get from your PC to current server/router in the path.
There are 3 tests for each server in the path, so 3 times on each line. Asterisk means the data didn't arrive to the server at all.

As you can see from the last line (the STO server), it takes 1.1s for my packets to actually reach the server. That is a long time. The game is then lagging and connection may be unstable if the time gets even larger (when STO server doesn't hear about you for several seconds, then he assumes you as disconnected and you then end in the login screen).
You can however see from the list that many servers in the path BEFORE the STO server were actually receiving the packet alread with a huge delay. So the problem is not on the Cryptic side. The delay appeared somewhere on the route and Cryptic can't do anything about that.

Where the problem is? The first line is my router and it says that data from my PC reaches my router in 1 millisecond. That's fine. But right on the second line the time suddenly raised to 600 ms. The second line is connection from my PC to a server that is right behind my router (server my router connects to for internet). And here is the problem. While my PC sends data to router fast (1ms), my router is sloooooow in resending the data to next server in the path (more than half second). How to deal with it? RESTART THE ROUTER! Power the router off for 10 seconds and then power it on. Wait for it to connect and then run the trace again. And voila, the problem with router disappeared, it's sending packets now much faster and so they can reach STO server earlier

1 < 1 ms 1 ms < 1 ms
2 39 ms 39 ms 41 ms
3 41 ms 40 ms 40 ms []
4 40 ms 42 ms 43 ms
5 43 ms 42 ms 43 ms
6 40 ms 40 ms 39 ms
7 40 ms 63 ms 40 ms []
8 61 ms 62 ms 123 ms []
9 108 ms 60 ms 63 ms
10 66 ms 65 ms 61 ms
11 65 ms 68 ms 68 ms []
12 166 ms 149 ms 68 ms []
13 151 ms 151 ms 150 ms []
14 150 ms 158 ms 162 ms
15 151 ms 147 ms 152 ms

End of trace.

Instead of 1.1s it takes now only 0.1s
Lags and disconnections are gone. Game is stable and I can play without ending in login screen everytime I warp to some system
One thing I noticed is that my router needs restart every few days when I play STO. I don't know why - whether the STO is sending so much data that the router logs get filled so fast or what. But if you're having problems with connection, it may be a good idea to check trace every even day and restart the router when you see the numbers are getting large

Well, that was when the large number jumps up at the beginning of the list (as shown above).
But what if the times are small for several first lines and gets rising around the middle? Then it's problem in the provider's network and only thing you can do about that is to contact your internet provider and send him the trace.

If the large numbers begin appearing only to the end of the list, then the problem is likely in Cryptic network and you should send message to Cryptic/PWE with your trace.

I hope that helps at least to some of you.

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