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03-02-2013, 06:54 PM
Actually it's not the trolls that will sabotage a KDF expansion, its the simple LACK OF KDF INTEREST that will do that.

It's basic economics. Supply and Demand. If there is not enough demand, it won't be supplied. A post like this blaming trolls? That isn't going to do anything and neither are the trolls. The simple fact of a small minority of the player base as a whole playing KDF side would be what, if anything the reason for not supplying a full scale KDF update. Why waste a massive update on 20-25% of your player base?

Yes KDF will get an update, that is certain and set in stone, at what point in time and how big an update is not yet specified.

There is a slight paradox tho. I Think the lack of KDF content to date is what has been keeping a lot of players from playing KDF so that keeps the numbers (demand) down so the supply has been borderline anorexic in coming.

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