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I'm wanting an alien to be hovering over an ancient artifact. The artifact I'm using is grave marker 12, and I place the contact a few metres above it, with the float-idle animation.

But when I come to test it, she's dissapeared. I tried putting an invisible object under her to stand on when she spawns, but she's still missing, though her little ! is present on the map from where her 'default text' is on. It's a scratchbuilt map, so I'm wondering if it could be the same bug that's causing the boffs to fall through the turbolift floor upon spawning? Anyone got any ideas? Or am I going to have to move her off from the artifact and just have her floating on the ground?

Also, anyone noticed with the wall console 1 (the big blue ones), they give off a shrill whine when you get close? Which makes it a bit uncomfortable when you have a corridor of them.

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