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Originally Posted by wolfpacknz View Post
Did I miss this part of the movie???
No this is explored in an Episode of Enterprise I think it is called Assimilation where they find 24th century Borg from the crashed Sphere destroyed in First Contact

And Jonsills I merely stated it is a word steeped in religious origin, I did acknowledge that it can be used to wider meaning however even the words used to describe it are also words that originate from religion. It is heavily Ironic that he used that word to try and insult me because I have a disability. Would you all be jumping to his defence so quick if he had for instance called a person with Cerebral Palsy "limpy", I doubt it and just as misguided as him attacking my spelling, which showed that his argument was found-less as he had to resort to picking my up on my spelling to try and belittle me, using the word Zealot was just as misguided. I do admit my asking him which deity do I have Zeal for was an attempt at reductio ad absurdum but all I said is the question stands as it does.

EDIT: Just googled the enterprise episode and it is called Regeneration, I was close

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