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03-02-2013, 07:11 PM
*Before they realize the first one hits its first target... and there is a bright light from the planet and there is a shockwave rippling through the planet as it is killing everything including bacteria... then another in the Crimea system... Synthesizer code rippling through the computers on the command console choosing targets in Romulan space.*

*Time is ticking.. as a stubby grey/green skinned man steps away from the console*

Adejca: That should get the attention of Sam 2... to get her and her errant children home to the creators.. The real creators...

Hemliks how many have we sent?

Hemliks: *grins as he shifts back into a rebel officer* 24 mi lord.

Adejca: good send a few more. Send them into Romulan targets.. Those piwafi should be erased from existence.

*Hemliks and his kind face dancers begin to send a few more at populated worlds in the Romulan sector. *

*OOC: Face Dancers are perfect manipulators and shapeshifters that can take not only the genetic material of the person they are copying but their memories as well and their ticks. Meaning it is very close to impossible to track them down.. I am not going to spoil how to get them as there is a way but its going to be something very obscure...

This new species are their creators and are Xenophobic against the other races. Except their other creation the synthesizers... An ancient one that each one would know... Giving Sam 2 a new friend and ally for the future.. if we so choose.*