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03-02-2013, 08:29 PM
I enjoyed the story missions that make KDF nerds rage a lot more as a Klingon. First of all there were less of them, thank goodness (that Romulan chain goes on for a hundred million years as a FED). Second of all, virtually every story mission in this game boils down to "go here, kill everything", and is about a thousand times more appropriate as a KDF officer.

If anyone should complain about the story missions, it's probably the FEDs. Mountains and mountains of extra junk, almost none of which feels in any way applicable to the style of play you'd expect.

If people think "more junk, regardless of what we're getting" is what people really want, maybe they need to re-evaluate their thought process.

KDF should have a few more ships. A lot more costumes. And be selectable for level 1 from the beginning. Some more PvE content to even the field. All of that I agree with. Beyond that I find a lot of the hand wringing hard to take seriously.

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