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03-02-2013, 07:30 PM
Personally I think the Tribble test server should be shut down permanently, or left to be used exclusively for Cryptic use. They don't listen to feedback anyway unless players get pissed.

Season 7: they reduced the dilithium rewards in STFs on the test server before launch. What happened? Players complained about the reduced amounts of dil in STFs. Then on the test server a couple days before S7 launch, they completely removed all dilithium rewards and loot drops in STFs. S7 launched and there was a lot of anger about it. Took them about 2 weeks before they added it back in. They even announced the amount of dil we would be getting while S7 was on the test server, thus going back on their promise of a specified amount.

Personally I think Cryptic gets off on making their player base angry. They enjoy it. They never listen to feedback and make changes to the game otherwise. Just my 2 energy credits.