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Originally Posted by selek1701 View Post
Well, I"m struggling with the Calaf too. I'm in a Cruiser, and I dinged level 30 just before the fight started, so maybe the game assumed I'd be in a Captain's ship? Also, I was playing it on Advanced. I did *almost* kill the enemy a couple times, but I missed an incoming torpedo at the wrong time.

I get that we need to target incoming torps, but what do you do when there's a spread of a half-dozen? I've been trying Brace for Impact, Evasive Maneuvers, etc. Those work if they're not on cooldown. If they are on cooldown...sigh.

I guess I'll go back in my new Exploration Cruiser, on Normal level. Any other suggestions?
Whenever I take a cruiser into a tougher engagement, I always prioritize keeping Emergency Power to Shields running (having two copies of EPtS 1 should be fine), and I pop Auxiliary to Structural Integrity Field whenever there's torpedoes coming I can't shoot down. The additional damage resistances offered by those two skills neuters the majority of incoming torpedo damage. If you're taking fire from Plasma Torpedoes, you could also hit Hazard Emitters preemptively, additional hull damage resistance and negates the Plasma Fire proc, though I typically prefer to hold it until I'm actually on fire.