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03-02-2013, 09:28 PM
Yesterday I was working on finishing episodes on my KDF character and noticed I didn't decloak when my boffs talked to me. Sometimes it seems to not decloak me and sometimes it does.

1 thing I find strange though: Tactical Fleet captain ability (obtained from reaching Rear Admiral Upper Half grade 3 on a tactical character). If you use this ability while cloaked it will turn your cloak off. It's annoying when in an STF or other team space mission, and trying to give your team a boost while not being able to get the drop on the enemy. I think it's because Tactical Fleet puts you in Red Alert mode, which doesn't make sense to me and is annoying if you use it when you are a good distance away from any enemies. You lose some of the time on the ability while waiting to get out of red alert and go to full impulse to get to them.
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