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Originally Posted by pwebranflakes View Post
If you are submitting a bug report, you will not get a response. Those now go directly to QA and they read them and investigate -- as such, they dont show up in the"My Tickets" section. If you submit a GM ticket for anything other than reporting another player for something (because we can't let you know what action was taken on another player for their privacy), it should be receiving a response within around 3-4 business days, and it will show up in "My Tickets" once a response is provided. This timeframe can change depending on how many tickets are received as they are answered in the order received. As always, GM tickets can also be submitted at or you can email directly:


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I call B.S. on this. I submitted a bug report in game (question mark on mini map) about the Tribble of Borg no longer being available in the C-store after purchasing it once back in early November 2012. According to old forum threads, it's been that way since the game went free to play, about a year now. Still isn't fixed. Not even available for purchase for 2 new characters created a couple weeks ago, about 3 months after purchasing one.

Proof about the c-store Tribbles being bugged:
Thread created 03-27-2012

Thread created 04-27-2012

Thread created 12-15-2012 Edit: you're aware of it I'm sure, pwebranflakes, considering you closed this thread after I necroed it.

Also, suggesting to use the support website to file a bug report is B.S.

Here is the response I've received when using the support website to file bug reports:


Thank you for submitting this ticket regarding an in game issue. I apologize for any inconvenience that this issue may have caused. Based on the information you've provided your issue may be the result of a currently unknown game play bug. While we understand you would like us to be able to resolve your issue quickly, some issues require further development from departments outside our control and cannot be resolved by a GM.

With that said, we would like to encourage you to submit a Bug Report, with your findings, directly to our QA team. This may be done by selecting 'Bug Report' from the list of available help options. Do note that Bug Reports are reviewed by members of the QA team, however you will not be able to edit or view any reported bugs. Additionally, Bug Reports do not receive personalized responses.

Please rest assured that our developers work to resolve all bugs as quickly as possible.
Note the final sentence.

This was the response I received for a bug report about the NX-01 replica showing a price of 500 zen for the ship by itself even though I purchased the Enterprise Era bundle pack which includes the ship. The uniforms show up individually as being purchased though but not the ship. Still not fixed. Ticket submitted 12/26/2012, reference #121226-000356
Edit: I do have access to the NX-01 replica light escort but the only way to get it is to click the Claim button while having the Enterprise Era bundle selected in the c-store. It also shows a price of 500 zen at ship requisitions.

Edit: I prefer to use the support website to file bug reports because often times I have screen shots to include to give the Q&A team an idea of the bug and as much info as possible. But they don't seem to care.
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