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03-02-2013, 11:31 PM
I am leveling a Fed these days and I am doing Romulan missions with an escort. Granted the D'deridex are troublesome but nothing that can't be handled. They turn slowly so try to stay away from their front arc if possible, they will use Viral Matrix if they face you, which will turn off everything except shields. Also, try to stay farther away than 5km, if you get to 4.99km it will probably be your doom if you don't have Scatter Volley or Fire @ Will (if you use Dual Beam Banks).

D'deridex are tough, but once you learn their tactics they will not seem so intimidating, but they will still be kinda tough (I have fought them many times, I have learned how to counter them but I still think they're not to be underestimated).
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