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03-03-2013, 12:33 AM
Originally Posted by ztempest View Post
I understand where you are coming from...but to be honest, this perspective sort of offends me.

The KDF is NOT JUST a farming faction for dilithium.

To be blunt -- I would rather have a playable faction, with content, vessels, and gameplay comparable to the Federation, than to be a second-rate faction primarily used by Federation captains on alts to farm dilithium that goes straight to the exchange in return for Zen.

So...if the faction really is completed, complete with a full stable of fleet ships, content, and missions, and the price is the removal or reduction of our enhanced ability to farm me that is a fair trade.
Speak for yourself, I would hate to see my KDF farmer alts go to waste! Only one was at max level before Dil farming.

I have already voiced similar concerns as the OP, but from a federation player with kdf farmer alts point of view. I agree that the real driving factor would be to remove dil farming by the greater fed population via kdf alts than any true desire to finish the KDF. Of course, the removal of Dil farming may be, pardoxically, the death knell of the KDF as people abandon or outright delete their KDF alts.

It would be a sad day indeed! But no worries, I'm sure a new shiny lockbox will promptly follow to make the masses forget!