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03-03-2013, 02:16 AM
I miss Heretic.

I also hate the complete lack of focus and balance in this game combined with the terrible documentation of how things work.

Why should activity A when done with Option B provide double the progression while taking half the time?

They just seem to be throwing stuff against a wall to see what will stick, what will be attractive to us as consumers.

Perfect example is the doff system, I have a sneaky feeling that the doffs haven't been selling all that well for them lately. And they likely think the reason is the UI even though the UI for everything in this game can be described as 'functional but inelegant.'

They continue to create catch 22 situations for themselves. No one plays KDF so the one ship they release for them (bortas) which had terribly anti-fun design embedded into it doesn't sell they just give up and start throwing other random stuff against the wall to see if it will stick instead of examining the reason why it did not sell.

Dominion lockbox not doing well? That can be summed up very quickly as for why.
1- No extremely desireable doffs
2- Bound mining claims
3- No extremely desireable ship

I swear Cryptic is the only company I have seen that quite literally gives you a reason on purpose not to give them money, or forces you to undertake a lengthy in game grind first.

They need to hire someone with knowledge in economics and/or sociology.

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I think what this boils down to is "product" versus "service," and it seems that unless it is addressed, the massive weak point of any game with an F2P model is the treatment of service as product.
Consider my mind blown. You pretty much just summed up the issue of F2P perfectly.

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