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03-03-2013, 01:22 AM
I admit to using my Klingon alts primarily for farming.

The KDF ships have always been better than their federation counterparts for survivability and dps. I am speaking of Klingon ships, not lockbox options. So for grinding, they rock.

Playing a Klingon has intrigued me at the beginning, especially when I saw the capabilities of their ships. Battle cloak? Hell yes! The few 'original' content episodes were interesting, but I quickly bored of the fantasy elements.

Group missions are harder to organize; epohh tagging as a Klingon anyone?

I joined a Klingon fleet, but it's been little more than a personal vanity project for the fleets owners. Access to resources is limited at best. I'll donate the odd crew member or asset. Any fleet marks I build I donate. Dilithium however is destined for my very active federation fleet.

I am not alone in this. I regularly play with others who do the exact same thing, and feel the same way.

PvP isn't for me even for Feds. So the thought of investing time into a Klingon PvP toon is not in the cards. The Foundary gave me hope for Klingon content, and some missions raised my hopes to make the KDF something I would want to play. New ships are cool (I buy Fed ships routinely), but nothing about the KDF ships screams 'I must buy this'.

edit: I did buy the Guramba Siege Destroyer after I saw it's effectiveness in the STF's. The T5 variants look awesome, but not enough to support developing a fleet where I 'might' get access to buy it. Yes, I can change fleets, but at this stage why bother?

Don't get me wrong - KDF has been worth playing. Seeing the other side of the equation has been fun. But there's really nothing that makes me want to use it for anything more than a source of dilithium.

Now if STO adds a romulan faction, that's something I'd pay to play.

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Admiral Thrax

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