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Originally Posted by borticuscryptic View Post
Can you imagine a game that had a Capture The Flag map where the Flag Runner was allowed to be completely invisible with no max duration?

I can't. So I removed it from STO today.

Players in possession of the Virus on Shanty Town will find themselves unable to activate Stealth abilities until they get rid of the Virus. Or die.

I'm hoping this change makes it to Tribble this week.

Nope, just tested on tribble, distortion field still works fine while having the virus.

Cloak module and ambush are turned off, no idea why ambush is turned off actually.. the +cloak stat on ambush is useless anyway, cloak-stacking isn't existing anymore so it woulda made more sense to remove the superflous +cloak from ambush and leave that ability avaiable, because crippling tac dmg while carrying the virus makes no sense unless the same is done to other classes.

Aside of ambush being turned off - which makes no sense the change is great and very much needed to stop the cloak virus running exploitation.[/quote]

Are you serious. The mark 12 2 piece omega set bonus distortion field is the last half of the cloaked virus issue. Yeah the virus runner won't make it from the mainframe all the way to the virus console under a 10 second distortion field now but still.

Yes ambush even with the covert trait can never produce a high enough stealth value to do anything anyway.

On a separate issue I think I can fix the overpowered stealth in your game for you. All it will require is a base nerf of stealth module and distortion field's stealth values. I believe the goal should be as follows.

A player under a fully speced stealth module 3 with the covert trait can remain under perfect cloak so long as no perception debuffs are on him. This value should be set to +520 stealth (+525 with dominion tribble)

However from my estimates +520 stealth would allow this target to been seen under an enemy players target optics or tricorder scan at a maximum distance of 8 meters. This would be far more balanced as it is no longer a matter of perfect cloak.

Another balance would be to extended the self tricorder scan's aoe range to a 12 meter circle instead of 8.

These values would solve stealth modules overpowered issues.

As far as the omega cloak issue goes which comes from distortion field the mk 12 distortion field power currently gives plus 458 with 9 in special forces and the covert trait. Plus 458 is strong enough to remain cloaked at 15 meters or further and launch cloaked grenades and weapons fire that can't be seen so long as there are no perception buffs up by the enemy player.

If it becomes easier to simply nerf the highest stealth value on this power to say around +400 stealth or lower than do so to make your job easier. Unless removing the stealth from the power all together is easier. The same can be done for ambush although it's current stealth value is a non issue.

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