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Originally Posted by mattjohnsonva View Post
I don't see it myself, if you are referring to people writing on the forum then I shouldn't worry as the forum are a small minority of players, Cryptic know that. Out of this minority there is an even smaller subset of gormless individuals that perhaps like winding up KDF players.

KDF players are always on the back foot, they always feel that they are unfairly treated but quite often fail to understand why Cryptic does not invest as much in their faction as the Federation, it's all about ROI.

Personally I have 1 LG, I play him occasionally. I do not play him more for the following personal reasons in order of importance.

1. I prefer the Federation
2. The Red UI
3. The whole ethos of the Klingon warrior story is not something I can relate to on a personal level.
4. The amount of whining from KDF players in the forums and in places like Kerrat pisses me off. They are the first to gang **** me in kerrat and the first to scream foul when I bring in my fleet and pay them back. Not all but quite a lot of them seem very childish and mardy.

Having said that some of the best players and the nicest people I have met in this game of predominantly KDF players. I learnt most of my PvP skills and builds from KDF players, the helpful ones, not the whinners.

5. The Romulan Faction appeals more to me than the KDF faction, it always did throughout the TV series and the movies. not sure why, I have to think about that.

When I founded SRS I also founded SRS KDF side and it is now a T2 starbase due almost entirely to a handful of very dedicated KDF players, whereas our Fed base is T4 due to a rather larger handful of Fed players and an additional 350 other contributors.

Nobody with any sense wants to see the KDF faction diminished, I personally want to see a lot of changes that would encourage me to try it more, start with changing the headace inducing Red UI for a start!

I am looking forward to this time next year having a fully fledged KDF and Romulan Factions playing alongside the Federation. But the Federation will always be the prime focus of STO, it's what Star Trek is about, why it was created and where most players want to be.
Regarding Ker'rat: The only time I've seen KDF players complain about Feddies ganging up is when they get a huge cloud of 5-10 players and spawncamp the KDF spawn (and when Feddies spawncamp, they KEEP spawncamping for hours on end until someone cleans 'em out). Otherwise, we just roll with the punches.

Whereas Federation players tend to complain about everything from de-cloak ambushes, spawncamping (happens with much less regularity than the Fed spawncamping), and just generally getting blown up.