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03-03-2013, 05:41 AM
Originally Posted by hawks3052 View Post
These Federation players do only care for the wellbeing of their faction. Their interest is not a healthy game and community, but only their own / the Federations' greatness. They can't tolerate any other thing beside their faction and do as much as they can to discredit the KDF and it's playerbase. They dislike as well that precious Dev time could be taken from them, so they come trolling to the Forums to make Cryptic now who "rightfully" deserves their singleminded attention.
You know nothing about me, or any other federation player, and that is why we don't care about your problems.

For the record, you can have a healthy game and community with only one faction. Perhaps we should improve the health of the game and community by removing the KDF altogether? If half the KDF players left as opposed to playing as fed instead that is only a 10% loss of customers.

Worth it to stop the continuous whining from the KDF.